Bus Routes Concept

The bus routes of London carve the city up along many different lines, each one an interconnected pathway offering a unique glimpse into city life. Each route connecting across different areas, cultures, classes and architectural styles.


Each number in this on going series is named after one of the London bus routes. Snaking through different parts of the city, carrying people and connecting communities. Each number in the series is exploring the everyday experience of what it is to live and work in the city. From grey autumn mornings going through Stamford Hill on the 254 to the bright summer vibes of the 277 passing through East Londons hipster hangouts and ending up in the financial powerhouse of Canary Wharf.

Each set of images is photographed from the vantage point of the bus route it is named after in one continuous journey. In one uninterrupted time period. Each route not only shows a slice of the city geographicly but also a slice though time of when that journey was taken. By abstracting the geographic position of each route in the city into just its route number the viewer is invited to experience the routes in orders that would otherwise be unfeasible due to the geographic position relative to each other. Juxtaposing each route against unfamiliar neighbours allows the viewer to draw comparisons that gives rise to a sense of the city that would otherwise be obscured.

Currently available as individual 144 x 96mm books via email. Soon to be available in the shop & in larger volumes of 5 routes per volume.

Route 15 Blackwall station - Trafalgar Square

Route 29 Wood Green - Trafalgar Square

Route 40 Aldgate Station - Dulwich Library

Route 134 North Finchley – Tottenham Court Road

Route 141 Palmers Green - London Bridge

Route 197 Peckham - Croydon

Route 254 Holloway - Aldgate

Route 277 Highbury Corner - Crossharbour