Construct // Dreamingless Magazine

Ion Ship

"Construct is a series of images worked around the idea of construction from the perspective of the creator. “Construct” is the big link in creativity, it’s the glue that joins inspiration and realisation.

The construction period of a project is the purest part of creating; it’s during this process that the essence of creation comes to life.

As the Fluxus movement stated: “Art is when you’re making it”.

The use of disassembled furniture as props, hand painted construction plans as backdrops, and garments that look almost deconstructed emphasise on the idea of “process”. Each image tells a story in itself, creating a conversation between the set, the colours, the garments and the subject in a dynamic way whilst still remaining static, just like we can visualise the parts of a construction plan being assembled in our heads.

Most of the set's parts where created insitu, inspired by the garments which makes this series almost a document of the creative process itself." Art Director - Begońa Toledo 

Stylist - Lara Bosch Herrera 

H+MUA - Patrizia Lio 

Model - Catriona Frean @ First 

Shot at Grey Shutter Studios