This series of images is an intimate look at everyday foodstuffs that might otherwise be taken for granted or overlooked. Presented in a granular and even fashion the viewer is invited to look closely at the mass and complexity of the overlaying chaotic patterns formed by the irregularity of dried foodstuffs.

Each one is presented under the same sterile illumination which gives rise to a sense that the objects are suspended in free space allowing the viewer to compare the subtle intricacies and details between each form. The perplexing outlines and enigmatic contours of the structural elements of each object are starkly juxtaposed to its neighbours, highlighting the repetitive form across thousands of iterations.

Imaged in excruciating detail and designed to be printed over two meters in height, this series of large format images makes the viewer stand up and absorb the macroscopic perspective of everyday foodstuffs.

Shown here alongside a detail crop from the centre of the image.

Available as Large Format archival fine art prints in the Shop.